Space Tour (Englisch)

Pop & Rock and a Journey to the Stars

We take you on a journey into the depths of the universe to visit the most beautiful places in space. To changing hits and classics from pop and rock, we fly through endless starry seas, colorful cosmic nebulae, and to distant planets. The journey continues with wild flights through wormholes and supernova explosions. And in between, there’s always time to simply enjoy the stars.

Relax and fly to the most beautiful places in space

Our journey begins on Earth, leads us through the solar system, and shows breathtaking images of moons, planets, and the sun. Then, we are drawn further out into our galaxy and to distant objects like cosmic nebulae and black holes. The journey continues even further into the space between the stars and to distant galaxies with unknown planets. The journey ends at the edge of our imagination, when we fly to the edge of the known universe and take a look at how our universe was created.

Entertainment and Education

Space Tour is our first program that is a mix of music and education. While you float through space to timeless songs, you will also learn interesting facts about our universe along the way.



360° Videovorschau

Trailer der Show. (Die Blickrichtung kann per Maus oder Fingerwischen direkt im Video gesteuert werden. Auf vielen Smartphones funktioniert die 360° Darstellung nur innerhalb einer Youtube 360° App)