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360 degrees – Yoga at the Planetarium


This yoga session in the Planetarium Jena is unique in Germany!
You can expect a yoga session, which you will experience wrapped in a three-dimensional space of harmoniously composed sounds, colors and images (visuals). This may sound strange with regard to the intention in yoga – to listen and look inward – but it actually reinforces it. The colors, moving images and music that surround you, combined with the asanas that are attuned to them, will allow you to experience an intense yoga practice and holistic effect on your body & mind.
Immerse yourself with all your senses in a yoga experience of a special kind!
Sandra will wake up your body with simple but effective yoga postures this morning/evening and activate your chakras! The focus is on the 7 main energy centers, the so-called chakras, to which colors are also assigned. You can expect an intensive color bath, which strengthens the effect of the asanas and activation of the energy centers.
The visuals were carefully selected by the media artist Conzum and Sandra, so that an impressive synthesis of the arts of music & image has been created, which harmoniously accompanies the yoga session.
Are you ready for this extraordinary journey?
Bring your own mat and a blanket. Yoga mats and blocks can also be rented on site for a donation.


The number of participants is limited to 30 persons. Due to the number of participants a cancellation or return of the tickets is excluded.